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Built Technology

Reinventing the way the world gets built.

For all of the technological feats of banking in the 1900s—debit cards, credit cards, ATMs, wire transfers, online banking—the pace of financial innovation in the 2000s has been glacial. Until 2014, the convenience of modern technology was still absent from one the largest financial sectors: construction lending. Borrowers were still mired in paperwork, and lenders were fighting for time to nurture deeper client relationships.

Built’s co-founders—builders and lenders themselves—proclaimed, “It doesn’t have to be this way!” Today, Built has blazed a new path for construction lending. By making it a snap for builders to apply for loans, and for lenders to deploy investment capital, Built puts the focus back on relationships. The Built platform brings transparency, reliability, process, compliance, and efficiency to a lender's operation, while offering builders a better loan application and management experience.

SuperReasonable® had the pleasure of collaborating with the founders from day zero to define this new category, and to imagine their new brand from logo through login.

— Funded over $1BN in new start construction in first year.
— Processed 130,000+ new construction loans in first year.
— 49 active bank relationships and 3,200+ users in first year.

Logo Lounge, Volume 9, How Books, December 2015
AIGA TENN Show, Identity Design, Silver Award, July 2015


Content Strategy


From ancient figures like Arazu (a mythological god of completed construction), to names with more modern appeal (NiftyNote, Bamboo, Grain), we curated hundreds of concepts. When we pitched 'Built,' it was met with quick agreement: this simple moniker did not focus too narrowly on any one aspect of the business. The Built name spoke to the company's back-to-basics message of helping to forge construction lending relationships, and getting homes built. To create the final identity design, we used techniques that mirrored the simple, utilitarian nature of the name. The custom-made typography was made from two basic shapes: a curved line and a straight line. The logo symbol references the letter 'b,' the shape of a home, and features an up arrow within its negative space.


We filled in the brand foundation by developing detailed brand guidelines for color, typography, and other visuals systems. Built's bold color palette opened the door to some unique brand applications. In addition to the samples shown here, we created a rich icon system, illustration standards, print materials, and a variety of other on- and offline brand communications to complete the system.


Finally, we engaged with Built to iterate over the user interface and user experience of their web app and native mobile products, and to create a brand new dotcom presence. Below are samples of the UI component library, mobile screen designs, and the responsive marketing website.

Built Technology UITKBuilt Technology UITK
Built Marketing Website DesignBuilt Marketing Website Design

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